Players at the AYSO 5U level are introduced to the game by participating in simple, fun activities and games that requires a minimal time commitment. The 5U program allows players to discover the game for themselves, while also giving the parents a foundation to build and grow into future AYSO coaches, referees, and administrators.

The objective of the AYSO 5U program is to provide young players and their parents with a "pressure free" introduction to the wonder and simple game of soccer. The AYSO 5U program is not to be considered a coaching program but is designed to expose kids to soccer, not to begin developing them. The two goals of this program are to allow the players to enjoy the activities and to let the game be the teacher.

What to expect:

Each child will be provided a jersey, shorts and socks to get dressed up for ďthe big game". Uniform distribution takes place at "Meet the Coach" day.

Each child is to bring is:
  • a #3 soccer ball
  • a water bottle
  • and shin guards (worn under the socks)
    Soccer cleats are recommended but not required.

    All jewelry MUST be removed including earrings. However, Medic ID bracelets are allowed if covered by tape or a sweatband. No baseball caps are allowed.

    There will be eight sessions of training and games. These are held on one day only, Saturday (i.e., no weekday practices), and consist of:
  • 30 minutes of warm up and fun-filled, age appropriate practice activities. The Team Coach will be facilitated by UK International Soccer
  • 30 minutes of team organizing, 3 v 3 games supervised by the Team Coach, and wrap-up
  • All games are played at the same time on the assigned fields with the Team Coach acting as supervisor to keep the game going. All other parents are encouraged to cheer positively and refrain from "coaching" or giving directions from the sideline.

    At this age remember "The game is the teacher" and this is the time for the kids to play and have fun. Let them!!



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    Past Events
    9/10/2022Session 1
    9/17/2022Session 2
    9/24/2022Session 3
    10/1/2022Session 4
    10/8/2022Session 5
    10/15/2022Session 6
    10/22/2022Session 7
    10/29/2022Session 8