1. Register as a volunteer (required, annually)
  • Go to and sign in
  • NEW VOLUNTEER: Select "Apply as a new adult volunteer"
  • PREVIOUS VOLUNTEER: Select "Apply as a returning adult volunteer"
  • Update, Sign and Save your Volunteer Information

    NOTE: The Registrar cannot create official team rosters in eAYSO until the volunteer registration forms are processed.

  • 2. Get Trained
    Required, once per lifetime: On-Line Course MT02 - AYSO's Safe Haven Training (NOTE: the on-line course is the only acceptable Safe Haven training accepted - eayso is automatically updated upon completion, but it is a good idea to keep a copy for your records)

    Required: AYSO Center for Disease Control (CDC) Concussion Awareness Training
    (eayso is automatically updated upon completion, but it is a good idea to keep a copy for your records)

    Optional: U-6 Coach

  • Log into
  • Select "Enroll to take a class"
    To see local classes:
  • Set Section to "11"
  • Set Area to "L"
  • Set Course to "U-6 Coach"
  • Select the "Search" Button
  • Select the courses which interest you by clicking in the circle in the column to the left of the course names
  • 3. Meet The Coach Day (MTCD)
    Generally, here is what happens:
    a. Program is reviewed with coaches and parents
    b. While parents/players go to designated team area, coaches meet with Program Manager to receive team packets (Team Roster and Registration forms). NOTE: Coaches will not receive the team packet if Step 1 and 2 have not been completed.
    c. Coaches meet parents/players at designated team area, where team uniforms will be handed out.

    Coaches can use this as team Kick-off meeting to
  • Identify how Contact Coach / Players (e.g., email, phone)
  • Season Format (see "What to expect" on U5 Home Page)
  • Schedule (see U5 Schedule Page)
  • Practices = training sessions by UK coaches before games
  • Games - 3 players vs 3 players; no goal keepers; follow UK training sessions
  • Identify Team Name (email to
  • Confirm spelling of player's name to be put on trophy (email to
    Be firm in getting your volunteers. It will make your life easier. AYSO is an all-volunteer organization which requires parent participation.
  • Back-up Coach - Fills in for coach to "supervise" games if coach is unavailable
  • Team Coordinator - Coordinates Snacks (check for allergies), Team Party (every player receives a trophy at the end of the season)
  • Sponsorship Coordinator - acquires Team Sponsor (see Sponsorship Form. Note Team Sponsors help keep Family cost down; if no Team Sponsor is found, then the families "sponsor" the team
  • Field Set-up: stripe field; set-up or take down goals
  • Picture Day Coordinator - attend Picture Day Meeting and coordinates Team Picture Day with team
  • Banner Coordinator - coordinates the Team Banner. Note: Vinyl banners are not allowed for team photos; Also, for safety concerns, only the players name OR number OR photo on the banner
  • Website Coordinator - team websites are provided by ShutterFly - information will be provided to the Team Coach
  • Note: No referees are required at this age. The coaches will supervise the games.
    Board Members
  • Boys Registar email:
  • Girls Registar email:
  • Program Directors
  • U5 Program Director email:
  • MAPS
    Norman P Murray (NPM) Senior Center
    Youth Athletic Park (aka YAP, Lake Fields)
    Region 84 General Form Listing
    2015 Dates to Remember
    Incident Report
    Use in the event of Injury, Incident or Property Damage. Provide a copy to the Safety Director, Debbie Campos, ASAP at
    Participation release form
    In the event a player is injured and an incident report is filed, have the player's parent sign a participation release form, prior to the players return. Forward a copy ASAP to the Safety Director, Debbie Campos, at Do not let the player return without the form.
    Sponsorship Form
    Zero Tolerance Policy
    Field Permit - YAP
    99 ways to Say I Love you
    Positive reinforcement gives children the support and confidence they need to reach their full potential. Saying ďI love youĒ is one way, but there are many other fun words and phrases that children love and respond to.
    AYSO's online registration tool
    Parent Orientation Video
    ABC's of AYSO
    Region 84 Field Status
    Region 84 Home Page
    Region 84 Board
    Region 84 General Forms Library
    AYSO On-Line Training
    Region 84 Store